Running Rain Gear Essentials

The best running rain gear essentials are all sorts of things that will keep you dry and warm even as you exercise and run in the rainy weather. Spanning all sorts of brand names and makers, the best running rain gear essentials are accessories that you will be thankful for when you see rain clouds on the horizon and feel the first droplets of rain on your skin.

  1. Mountain Hardwear Men's Epic Waterproof Breathable Rain Jacket. This essential piece of running rain gear is from Mountain Hardwear and boasts its traditional shell. With lightweight, breathable and waterproof properties, this jacket easily takes the number one spot on our countdown of rain gear essentials. Watch the rain just bounce off this awesome rain jacket when you go running in the rain.
  2. Nike Clima-Fit Convertible Running Jacket – Men's. This Nike Clima-Fit Convertible Running Jacket for men allows you to hit the ground running no matter what sort of rainy weather comes along. With its capacity to keep at bay the wind and rain, yet still retain that breathable factor and ventilation to keep you comfortable, this Nike running jacket is a good fit for the number two spot on our list. From now on, you don't have to postpone your running exercise when a little rain hits–just toss on this jacket and tell the rain "to get lost."
  3. Mossi Men's RX Black Rain Pants. These Mossi Men's RX Black Rain Pants are windproof, waterproof, feature an elastic waist, and even heat resistant fabric for your lower leg. With all these features, it is no surprise that this pair of running rain gear essentials comes in at number three. The next time it is raining out, forget your shorts, put on these Mossi rain pants, and still go out for your run.
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