Running Shoes With Toes

Running shoes with toes are an amazing and natural way to have the best running experience possible. They are typically made by Vibram and they have patented this technology to make running feel more natural and keep your feet feeling healthier. Because the foot is so complex, running shoes with toes need to meet those complexities head on.

  1. Vibram Men's Komodosport. This running shoe with toes is simply one of the best on the market. It is specifically designed with an athlete in mind. They boast a stitchless, seamless two millimeter footbed. This reduces friction on the foot during running or strenuous activities. The Nylon upper is anatomically designed to fit the foot like a second skin. It is attached by a series of hook-and-loop closures that are extremely secure and comfortable. In addition, this shoe can be machine washed and air dried.
  2. Vibram Men's Sprint. This running shoe with toes is exactly perfect for marathons. The sole has a good grip, but is sleek as ever. They can be worn from running to swimming without needing to change them. The pair only weighs roughly 11.2 ounces which is ideal for any runner. Also, the sole is razor-siped which allows for subtle flexibility and amazing grip.
  3. Vibram Women's Jaya LR. With a leather exterior, this running shoe with toes can outlast any weathering climate. Weighing in at 6.8 ounces, this shoe is extremely light weight, yet it is very durable with its 5.5 millimeter sole. Performance pads are placed on the sole of the shoe to provide flexibility and maintain balance.



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