Russian Teen Movies

These Russian teen movies come out of a range of genres, but all have one thing in common – they represent some of the best filmmaking Russia has produced in recent decades.

  1. "Everybody Will Die, and I Shall Remain" This excellent film tops our list of Russian teen movies. It’s about three teenage girls preparing for the disco at their school – the American equivalent of prom night.
  2. "Hipsters" “Hipsters” is a fun Russian teen movie with singing and dancing. It is about the hip Soviet kids of the 1950's.
  3. "The Lottery" A teenage boy moves to a new school. Will he be able to impress his classmates with his awesome musical skills, or will he remain an outcast forever?
  4. "The Return" After twelve years of absence, a father returns home. He takes his two teenage sons on a vacation at a nearby lake. Here, he will test their manhood.
  5. "Piter FM" This romantic film is set in St. Petersburg. It tells the story of an affair between two teenagers.
  6. "Black Lightning" A teenage guy has problems with the ladies. Turning into a superhero becomes his only option.
  7. "Lilja 4-Ever" In this heart-wrenching drama, a teenage girl is abandoned by her family. She embarks on a downward spiral of drugs and prostitution.
  8. "Confession" Half-documentary, half-drama, Aleksandr Sokurov made this Russian teen movie about soldiers at sea in the 1990's. The director uses real footage of the teenage soldiers, and adds his narration over it, the fictional diary of the ship’s captain.
  9. "Svolochi" This Russian teen movie is set during World War II. It tells the story of a fictional band of teenage boys who are sent on a clandestine mission to fight against the Nazis.
  10. "Father and Son" “Father and Son” rounds out our list of Russian teen movies. It is about a teenage boy’s tense relationship with his father, and was directed by the great Aleksandr Sokurov, who also made “Confession.”
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