Sad Country Songs About Love

When thinking of sad country songs about love, you might as well just say "country songs" because nearly every great country tune stems from a broken heart. Johnny Cash had a three-CD retrospective released of his past work and those CDs were titled "Love," "God" and "Murder," showing how important love is in the country music mind. Here are some great sad country songs about love spanning decades of great country music.

  1. "Your Cheatin' Heart" by Hank Williams Perhaps the greatest of all sad country songs about love is Hank Williams Sr.'s signature tune, a tear-in-the-beer weeper about a woman gone astray. Anger, bitterness and betrayal are all present in this song, but each of these emotions take a backseat to the latent sadness in the song's tone, making it one of country's greatest tearjerkers.
  2. "I Fall to Pieces" by Patsy Cline Unrequited love and denied passion also make for great sad country songs about love, such as this one where Patsy Cline, in her inimitable, powerful voice, sings of falling to pieces "each time someone speaks your name." It is one of country's most elegant and anguished ballads and one of its greatest sad country songs about love.
  3. "Why Baby Why" by George Jones George Jones was a ladykiller and a heartbreaker in real life, but in this song, he's the one left at home to "cry baby cry." The up-tempo nature of the tune makes it unique among sad country songs about love, but the heartbreak is still there. Jones takes it another step, though, and in the final verses he's hitting the town, too, to make the cheatin' woman pay. Not all sad country songs about love need a sad ending.
  4. "You Never Even Called Me By My Name" by David Allan Coe Many a bar has closed down with drunks singing this humorous tearjerker to the rafters. The song's singer is weepy because the apple of his eye never even calls him by his name, much less calling him darlin'. The song goes on to hit all of the sad country song tropes in its final verse, crossing "mama," "pickup trucks," "prison" and "trains" off the list before returning to the heartbroken chorus. Who says sad country songs about love can't be funny, too?
  5. "Pretty Girls" by Neko Case The heiress to Loretta Lynn's booming voice and sexy charisma is Neko Case, the newest and final artist on our list of sad country songs about love. Her signature song "Pretty Girls" is a sad song about the lack of the love in the world and how lust chews up and spits out pretty young girls. Though she narrates from a distance, Neko makes everyone feel the pain of all those sad, used-up pretty girls in this incredibly powerful example of sad country songs about love.
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