Saddest Songs Of All Time

The saddest songs of all time are typically about love and loss: lost love, a true love that ended abruptly, or a love for a person who is no longer here because they died. The compiled list includes a variety of songs that qualify as being one of the saddest songs of all time.

  1. "Tears in Heaven." "Tears in Heaven" is written by Eric Clapton and Will Jennings. The ballad is about the pain Clapton endured after the death of his four-year-old son, Connor. Connor died after a fall from the window of a 53rd floor New York apartment on March 20, 1991. Although this Eric Clapton song was very successful, it is certainly one of the saddest songs of all time.
  2. "I’m Not in Love." "I’m Not in Love" is a song sung by 10cc, an English group, and is written by Graham Gouldman and Eric Stewart. The song is about the denial of love by a very hurt individual; this qualifies it as one of the saddest songs of all time.
  3. "That’s the Way I’ve Always Heard It Should Be." Recorded by Carly Simon in 1971, this was written by Carly Simon and Jacob Brackman. The song is about a young woman wanting to be in a loving relationship and not an unhappy union much like her parents' and friends'. 
  4. "You've Lost That Lovin Feelin." "You’ve Lost That Lovin Feelin" was a very popular song which was sung by The Righteous Brothers. The song describes how a loving relationship used to be and because of that, it is one of the saddest songs. "Top Gun" starring Tom Cruise and Kelly McGillis included this song in their soundtrack.
  5. "How Do I Live Without You." "How Do I Live Without You" was written by Diane Warren and originally sung by LeAnn Rimes. This song that represents true heartbreak when your true love is gone was also recorded by Trisha Yearwood. "Con Air" starring Nicholas Cage included this song in their soundtrack.
  6. "All By Myself." This is a sad ballad performed by Eric Carmen in 1975. Since then, other artists such as Frank Sinatra and Celine Dion have recorded this song about being by yourself and alone. Celine Dion also recorded a Spanish version of "All by Myself" called "Sola Otra Vez."
  7. "Everybody Hurts." "Everybody Hurts" is a song about how at one time or another everyone experiences hurt. The tune was sung by R.E.M. Billy Berry, drummer for R.E.M., wrote the majority of the song but R.E.M. as a group shared the credit. "Everybody Hurts" was used to raise money for victims of the 2010 Haiti earthquake by a group of musical artists recording a single.
  8. "Vincent." "Vincent" was inspired by Starry Nights, an artistic work by Vincent Van Gogh, a Dutch Painter. Van Gogh had inner struggles which resulted in him being misunderstood by most people and led him to commit suicide. "Vincent" was performed by Don Mclean and Julio Igeslias. 
  9. "You Don’t Bring Me Flowers." This was a duet beautifully performed by Neil Diamond and Barbara Streisand. The song is about love and how two people have drifted apart and definitely qualifies as one of the saddest songs. 
  10. "Kiss and Say Goodbye." Recorded by the Manhattans, an R&B group, this was written by Winfred “Blue” Lovett. The song is about two lovers who need to part, although they are very much in love. The other obligations may be referring to them both being married to other partners. This song is one of the saddest songs ever.
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