Saddle Seats For Men

Horseback riding can be an intensely gratifying leisure activity if the right horse is fitted with the right saddle seats for men. Choosing the wrong saddle seat might also actually cause health problems for both horse and man, the least of which are saddle sores and back pains. The choice for saddle seats on the market ranges widely; however, the big question lies on what really is good for you and your horse.  After all, you really wouldn’t want you and your horse to suffer.

  1. Albion dressage saddles –  The Albions line is not exactly budget friendly, but it is a comfortable seat saddle for men, especially for beginners.  The dressage saddle seats of Albions are really balanced and go well with different horse breeds. A major problem with buying a brand new saddle seat from the Albion line is that they cost a fortune and could only be bought through a fitter. However, you can buy used Albion saddles on sale at around $1,000.
  2. Frank Baines saddle seats – The Frank Baines saddle seats for men are handmade and costs somewhere around $2,500 to $3,900.  The well-crafted design of saddle seats would allow the rider to keep a perfect balance and control of the horse as it gives the rider the feeling of being one with the horse while allowing him to move freely.
  3. Custom  Saddlery saddle seats – The Custom Saddlery offers a varied selection of customized saddle seats.  The organization also provides accredited fitters based in USA, Canada, Netherlands and the United Kingdom who can be contacted through their website and who can give valuable advice in the choosing and fitting of saddle seats for men.
  4. Colorado Saddlery saddle seats – For western saddle seats made for the working cowboy, the saddle seats for men from the Colorado Saddlery is renowned for both its quality and affordability. Among the best features of these saddle seats is its durability.
  5. Consult an Expert Fitter – As it is really important that the saddle seat be fit for man and horse, an expert advice from a reputable fitter would be most beneficial. Among the things you might want to consult on when looking for the right saddle seat for men are balance, twist of the saddle seat (men are often more comfortable with saddle seats with moderate twist), and width of the saddle seat.
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