Safari Plugins

Safari plugins are popular features of Safari web browser especially for Mac and other users. Although some power users favor other applications, Safari provides extra features which will make them switch web browsers in no time. Many users are satisfied with Safari as it focuses on browsing impeccably and bring Internet right into your mobile devices and PC.

  1. SafariStand. This is a must-have Safari plugin in order to know how to use the web browser easily. It provides menu and other tools so that you can keep track of the open tabs with ease, allow you to do some layouts or add color labels for bookmarks. It allows you to save the open tabs and restore them later when you need them. This plug-in however is for Mac users only.
  2. Glims. This Safari plugin makes your browsing experience better with lots of features and functionality. It includes thumbnails to Google and Yahoo search results and view the content without necessarily clicking the results. Other interesting features of this add-on are full screen browsing, form auto filling, auto-close download window, type ahead features and you can reopen the last session you have made with Safari when you had your last browsing. All these amazing features are for your convenience.
  3. Red Snapper. This is another interesting Safari plugin as it allows you to do screenshots more conveniently. This is best for most writers and bloggers as they include shots of a site in order to make tutorial and other materials more effective. With just a click of the Red Snapper button, a shot is made of the site that you are currentlyviewing as it appears on your desktop.
  4. Inquisitor. This Safari plugin aids browsers on their search for keywords. As you type in the word or phrase that you are searching for, the Inquisitor will auto-complete your search by suggesting handful of results in a matter of seconds. This is to save your time as it directs you to the site directly, and skipping results page of Google.
  5. Cooliris. Most Internet users will definitely love this Safari plugin because it helps you manage your videos and photos as it displays them in a cover flow-like arrangement. The design is beautiful and allows you to load photos and videos from web pages quickly. With this add-on feature, you can share them with friends by allowing them you view using the URL which directs to your 3D wall of your photos and videos.  
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