Safflower Oil Weight Loss

Is it possible to use safflower oil weight loss? While no dietary supplement can act as an effective substitute for a healthy diet and regular exercise, there is some evidence behind the theory that safflower oil can promote weight loss. While possibly beneficial for people looking for a little extra help with speeding up their metabolism, don't give up the brown rice and gym membership just yet.

Safflower seeds Safflower oil is pressed from the seeds of safflowers, which are annual plants with bright orange or yellow flowers. Each flower head contains anywhere from fifteen to 50 seeds. Each seed contains up to 40 percent oil. Like other nutritional oils such as evening primrose and borage seed oil, safflower seed oil contains valuable nutrients, in particular, omega-6 fatty acids.

Gamma linolenic acid Safflower oil contains the valuable omega-6 fatty acid, gamma linolenic acid, or GLA. Safflower seeds are not the best source of GLA, but they are one of the more affordable sources. Safflower oil is relatively inexpensive when compared to other nutritional oils, and it has a mild flavor, making it ideal for general cooking purposes. The GLA content may be why safflower oil has been shown in research to help with weight loss. GLA encourages the body to burn fat rather then storing it.

Research There have been studies done on the potential benefits of safflower oil for weight loss. An Ohio State University study found that postmenopausal, diabetic women who took safflower oil supplements for sixteen weeks did show a reduction of fat around the abdomen.

Taking supplements Should you take safflower seed oil supplements to help you lose weight? There are no known side effects of supplementing with safflower, but just to be safe, be sure you talk to your doctor before taking dietary supplements. Make sure you purchase your safflower from a trusted source. While this oil may help, if you really want to lose weight, keep eating a well-balanced diet and exercising.

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