Saints Row 2 Cheats PS3

"Saints Row 2" cheats for the PS3 gives gamers a chance to climb the ladder to become the kingpin of Stillwater. Cheats for "Saints Row 2" grants PS3 gamers a fighting chance to take out the pretenders and haters who challenge your rule as the boss. PS3's "Saints Row 2" provides the explosive action and deep sandbox exploration of Stillwater and cheats are a way to overcome the obstacles in front of gamers. The streets of "Saints Row 2" are unforgiving for any young hustler looking to make a name, so these cheats are an extra boost toward that goal.

  1. Restore Health. "Saints Row 2" lets the bullets fly across the streets for all the would-be gangsters who try to lay claim as the boss. Input the following cheat using the cell phone to restore your life: #1. Now, your custom gangster gets a clean bill of health to go out and conquer all the rivals at every corner.  
  2. Gain $1,000. Any hustler is only as good as the paper he or she rolls with to keep the empire in check. Input the following cheat using the cell phone for the cheat menu to increase your cash flow: #2274666399. With new cash in hand, your up-and-coming thug can go out on the town and get the gear necessary to rule Stillwater.
  3. Infinite Ammo. Stillwater has many soldiers looking to put a bullet in your head or worse. Input the following cheat using the cell phone: #11. There will be no need to reload any of your weapons as you will have unlimited ammo. Every hater will bow down to your ruthless might as you spray the neighborhoods with tons of bullets.
  4. Gain Immortality. The numerous gangs all have no respect for anyone who tries to loosen their grip on their own turf. Input the following cheat using the cell phone to gain invincibility: #36 . You have become a god amongst the mortal losers who dare to question your reign as the new boss of Stillwater.
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