Sako Rifles

Sako Rifles have been known for almost a century for their quality and reliability. These guns are more than just hunting rifles, however. Some are designed to equip Special Forces and defend against "evil", while others are made for hunting and sport. The quality created by Sako’s expert gunsmiths provide classic, elegant Sako Rifles that stand the test of time and can be passed down from generation to generation.

  1. Sako 75 Hunter. This rifle is the most basic in the Sako 75 category and one of Sako’s well-loved old models. Created with an adjustable trigger, it is an ideal piece of heritage that can be gifted from father to son throughout the years. The high-grade walnut stock may be ordered in oil finish or matte-lacquer. The two-row staggered magazine is detachable and lends to the Sako rifle’s reliability, performance, and precision.
  2. Sako Finnfire Hunter. This is the first rifle in Sako’s second category of old models. Like the Sako 75 Hunter, the Finnfire’s stock is crafted from quality walnut to provide a lasting fit. This Sako rifle is specially known for its supreme accuracy made possible by its hammer-forged barrel. Trigger pull is adjustable between one and two kg, an opening angle of 50 compact degrees, and two bolt locking lugs. The high grade 22 rimfire rifle is a testament to craftsmanship and accuracy.
  3. Sako TRG-S. From Sako’s final category of old rifles, this one is for those looking for significant synthetic performance. A split from the classic wooden design, the TRG-S features black composite stock with a reinforced skeleton, giving hunters extra support and precision. This rifle utilizes unique TRG technology. The gun features a 60 degree lift and three symmetrical lugs and a large bolt. A detachable magazine feeds right to the rifle’s chamber.
  4. Sako TRG-42. Another in the TRG series, this gun is available in Hunter Green or Desert Sand to cater to the hunter’s environment. This rifle is specifically designed for competition and special forces. It has the capacity to be outfitted with various additional accessories to further equip it for snipers. The rifle features staggered two-row magazine, three locking lugs, 60 degree bolt lift, seventeen mm axial scope mounting rails, recoil stop-slots, and hammer-forged steel alloy.
  5. Sako TRG-22. Like the TRG-42, this Sako rifle is largely used to outfit the armies of various countries. Built to be precise, the gun is just like the TRG-42 in build but is available in three different configurations. The feed can be used with a variety of ammunition types.
  6. Sako Quad Hunter Pro. This rifle remains true to classic models of Sako rifles while providing the benefits of newer features. It features the classic walnut stock as well as three floating barrels, bolt action design, locking lugs, 50 degree lift, and five-round clip magazine.
  7. Sako Quad Synthetic. Very similar to the Sako Quad Hunter Pro, the Synthetic is different only in appearance, featuring a sleek modern black finish. Additionally, the length of pull can be personalized with the Sako Quad butt spacers.
  8. Sako Quad Heavy Barrel. This rifle is designed to handle significantly more shooting than others in its category without becoming too hot. Bench shooting is facilitated via the Monte Carlo-like cheek piece which rests on the rifle’s black synthetic stock.
  9. Sako Quad Varmint. This rifle is a great option for bench rest target practice. A wide, flat-bottomed fore end and heavy barrel help steady the rifle for superior stability. Bolt action design features two locking lugs and an angle of 50 degrees. The hammer-forced free-floating barrels can be fitted with a silencer mount, and the oil-finished walnut stock gives it that classic Sako appearance.
  10. Sako 85 Hunter Laminated Stainless. This rifle’s barrel, bolt, and receiver are made from top grade stainless steel while the stock is crafted from laminated hardwood to provide stability. Compatible with a matching scope, this is Sako’s most popular hunting piece.
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