Sales Resumes Example

Sales resumes are designed to highlight the experience that a sales or account representative obtained, as well as the quantitative results he achieved. Some sales positions allow for greater flexibility and creativity than others. Entry-level sales resumes might highlight applicable skills related to customer service and suggestive selling techniques often used in retail environments.

There are several characteristics that an individual who is looking for a career in sales or who is currently working in the profession will want to highlight at the beginning of a sales resume. For example, a summary of skills that are essential to a successful career in sales is helpful. Veteran and entry-level candidates might highlight skills related to making presentations, oral and written communication, persuasiveness, competitiveness, organization, and problem solving.

A good sales resume example will provide a summary of qualifications to pique a potential employer's interest, while demonstrating the candidate's ability to sell. Some resumes may choose to list education first over experience, particularly if the candidate is seeking an entry-level position or just recently completed a degree program. Other sales resumes might opt to list experience first, especially if the candidate's related experience is lengthy and more recent than his educational qualifications.

Extracurricular activities that a candidate participated in while obtaining a degree might help demonstrate his ability to work effectively in a team environment. This is especially helpful for entry-level candidates seeking that first sales position. Since a successful selling career is dependent upon establishing and maintaining relationships, any experience working with the general public and teams is beneficial.

The experience in a good sales resume should highlight the accomplishments that were achieved during each position. Some candidates choose to list their experience chronologically or they may choose to list their sales experience first and their unrelated experience in a separate section. It is important to put accomplishments in quantitative terms if the candidate is able to. A sales career revolves around achieving quantitative targets and maintaining a competitive perspective.  

As with any good resume, examples of sales resumes should include the candidate's name, address and contact information at the beginning. A phone number and an e-mail address is helpful for recruiters and human resources departments, since many of them prefer to follow-up with candidates by e-mail. Any awards, achievements or recognition received in previous positions should also be included and highlighted in a bullet-style list.   



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