Saliva Drug Tests Facts

If you have been ordered to take a drug test, these saliva drug tests facts can clear up a lot of confusion. A drug test is a test conducted from a sample of a person’s body fluids, tissues or hair to determine the presence of a particular drug in their system. A saliva drug test is a test that uses saliva as the sample.

A saliva drug test is one of the more popular types of drug testing. This form of drug testing is very cost effective. During a saliva drug test, a cotton swab is used to acquire the person’s saliva for a sample. This is most commonly done by swabbing the inside of the person’s cheek.

The popularity of saliva drug testing is increasing because of the speed and ease of the test. Many law enforcement agencies use saliva drug testing to randomly test drivers or people suspected of using banned substances. The detection time varies on the drug being tested for. Drugs like marijuana and cocaine can be detected up to 24 hours after consumption. The detection time for alcohol is less than twelve hours. Other drugs, like amphetamines, can be detected for up to three days after use.

Like with any drug test, accuracy is a concern with a saliva drug test. One reason many people question the accuracy of the saliva drug test is because you do not have to be certified to conduct the test. This is also why the test is so popular. If the testing process is followed correctly, it is relatively accurate. General oral hygiene can sometimes help to avoid detection.

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