Salvation Army Clothing Donation Instructions

Looking for Salvation Army clothing donation instructions? The clothing donation procedure for the Salvation Army is relatively easy to follow. Don't let the thought of being confused by the donations process deter you from making a difference in someone's life. The Salvation Army helps many underprivileged and well-deserving people by providing enhancement to their quality of life. If you want to be a part of this mission, an easy way you can do so is by donating clothes. If you want to donate clothing to the Salvation Army, follow these straightforward instructions.

In order to donate clothing to the Salvation Army, you will need:

  • Surplus clothes
  • A phone
  • A computer with an internet connection
  • A box or large bag
  1. Clean out your closet. Empty out everything in your closet and examine each and every piece of clothing you have. You will be surprised to see how many articles of clothing you simply forgot about or just do not wear. Make sure you don't have any personal information or money in the pockets. If some of the clothes are damaged, try to make repairs or make sure that the imperfections are easy to repair. Remember that no one wants soiled or destroyed clothes.
  2. Take note of what you are donating and its condition. It is very helpful of you to include a list of what is included in your donation. If you have some brand new items, make sure you add that on your list. Try to make note of any flaws the items may have.
  3. Find your nearest Salvation Army. If you are unsure of where the nearest Salvation Army is, go online to the Salvation Army's website and search for the nearest one by typing in your zip code. Call before you drop off your donation to make sure someone is there to retrieve it.
  4. Drop off your clothes. You are doing a good deed, but don't expect fanfare when you drop your items off. Nevertheless, be courteous and respectful.
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