Samoan Football Players For The Steelers

Samoan football players the Steelers are definitely in the right team. Samoan football players have certainly made their mark on the National Football League (NFL) and nowhere greater then the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Steelers currently have on the roster (as of the end of the 2009 season) two Samoan football players. Currently in the NFL, there are seventeen active players and more waiting in the wings finishing their college careers. This is a special feat considering their population of some three-hundred thousand.

Samoan football player’s for the Steelers (current):

  1. Troy Polamalu – Pittsburgh Steelers: This University of Southern California prodigy is perhaps the best-known Samoan player minus Junior Seau. Troy was drafted in 2003 in the first round and the sixteenth pick overall. He is a hard hitting, strong safety, pro bowl and Super Bowl player. Known best for his vicious hits, dog play and yes, his insane hair, Troy is a great player and a possible future Hall of Famer. 
  2. Chris Kemoeatu – Pittsburgh Steelers: He was a University of Utah player and now Pittsburgh Steelers Offensive Guard. He was drafted in the sixth round, two-hundredth and forth pick overall. Chris is a thirty game starter and has appeared in forty-seven games including two Super Bowl victories. He weighs in at three hundred and forty-four pounds and stands six-foot three inches. Chris has a bright future ahead of him. 

Former Samoan players for the Pittsburgh Steelers in recent history include:

  1. Kimo Von Oelhoffen – Pittsburgh Steelers 2000-2005: He was picked up via trade and spent five seasons with the Steelers as a defensive tackle. Kimo is currently out of football. 
  2. Zach Tuiasosopo – Pittsburgh Steelers 2005: He was drafted as a fullback but was later traded to the Philadelphia Eagles where he played for one season.
  3. Shaun Nua – Pittsburgh Steelers 2005: He signed as a free agent to play defensive end, but saw no playing time. He was traded to the Buffalo Bills in 2007 and placed on the practice squad. 



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