Samsung Flat Screen TV Troubleshooting: 5 Tips

Curious about Samsung flat screen TV troubleshooting and 5 tips to deal with the most common issues? The tips below will help guide you through some basic troubleshooting issues. Even if you don't consider yourself to be a technology aficionado, you will be able to troubleshoot most problems that arise with your Samsung flat screen TV.

  1. Power problems. If your Samsung flat screen TV will not power on or off, sometimes a quick reset of the television will fix the issue. To reset your television, unplug the power cord from both your Samsung TV and the electrical outlet. Wait a few minutes and then plug the television back in.
  2. Color issues. If you are having color issues with your flat screen TV, you need to figure out what the cause is. To run a self diagnosis on your Samsung TV, press the Menu button and use the arrow keys to scroll to the Support menu. Press Enter, then select Self Diagnosis, then press Enter again. If the test shows a problem with your flat screen TV, contact Samsung. If no problem is found, check the cables being used to connect the device to your TV to make sure they are in the right places and are fully plugged in.
  3. Buzzing noises. A buzzing noise coming out of your Samsung TV speakers can be caused by many issues. If you are using component input cables, there will be a red audio and a red video cable. Make sure that you have those cables connected to the proper jack on your flat screen TV. If you are using an RF coaxial cable, try changing the channel. If the problem goes away, the channel you are watching is experiencing difficulties and there is nothing wrong with your Samsung TV.
  4. Remote issues. If your TV remote control is not functioning properly, begin by removing both batteries from the remote. Once the batteries are removed, press and hold any button for twenty seconds. This often resets your remote control, thus fixing any electrical glitches. Place brand new batteries of the same brand into your Samsung remote control for optimum performance. If you are using rechargeable batteries, a charge of six hours is normally needed.
  5. Languages. If the Menu on your Samsung TV is being displayed in a language that you do not understand, press the TV button on your remote control, followed by the Menu button. Use the arrow keys to scroll to the Setup menu. Select Language by pressing the Enter button. When the box appears, again use the arrow keys to select your language. Press Enter to save your changes and then Exit to leave the Menu.

Do not attempt to troubleshoot your Samsung flat screen TV if you feel that you do not possess the necessary skills. If you are still experiencing technical difficulties after using the above Samsung troubleshooting tips, refer to your owner's manual or contact Samsung directly.


Samsung Troubleshooting Guide

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