Samsung Impression Apps

Watch your weight and find new ways to waste time with these Samsung Impression apps. In theory the smart phone was designed to help us stay organized  and on task, and while they still have the capacity's to help you keep track of important information, most of us use them as time wasters to help us pass the time in waiting rooms and slack at work. But when you use the power of the smart phone for good these Samsung Impression apps can help you stay in shape, watch what you eat and improve your memory. But if you’re like the rest of us who like to use our smart phones for fun as much as function, then you can use these Samsung Impression apps to keep track of your friends, meet new people, play games and keep yourself entertained.

  1. Snaptu- Keep track of all of your social networks in one place with this Samsung Impression app. Update your Facebook, Myspace, Twitter and any other social network in one place. It also has features chat options and stores your favorite news and sports outlets.
  2. V-Clinic Mobile- While they could have picked a name that doesn’t make this app sound like you’re getting checked for something that burns when you pee, this Samsung Impression app will come in handy for people that are watching their weight. It features places to track your carbs, calories and can help track and develop a personal workout and eating regime.
  3. Galaxy- This Samsung Impression app may well be the ultimate time water. A combination social network and alternate reality game, this app allows you to chat with friends and meet new people just like any other social network while letting you create your own virtual universe.
  4. Gymlog- Another Samsung Impression app that has been designed to aide in the battle of the bulge. This app comes loaded with over 80 different exercises that will get you in shape in no time. It has video segments that show you how to do the exercises properly and allows you to customize your own routine, all while helping you keep track of your progress.
  5. Balance Your Life- Trying to stay organized can keeping track of your time can be a bore, but this Samung Impression app makes staying organized fun by turning your daily routine into a memory game. At the end of the day you will be able to see what activities are taking the bulk of your time and hopefully translate that information into a positive work/life balance.



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