Samsung Impression Manual

Are you looking for a Samsung Impression manual? Cell phones and smartphones have become increasingly popular as technology allows them to be even more mobile than ever before. Samsung has been a popular and cutting edge phone company, producing great phones at great prices; the Impression (also registered as the SGH-a877) was the first smartphones to offer an AMOLED screen. The phone also featured a full slide out QWERTY keyboard, touch screen interface, and the ability to use a stylus. The Samsung Impression manual includes all thata user needs to know in regards to how their phone works.

You will need:

  • A Samsung Impression
  • Charged Battery
  • SD Card
  1. Getting Started  The first thing you will need to do is charge up your phone if you haven't already. In most cases, the battery will already be attached to the phone, as well as having the SD card inserted. Take the charger and plug it in to the phone. Usually, a cell phone will need to be charged for a few hours before useage.
  2. Touch Screen   The Samsung Impression has both a slide out QWERTY keyboard and that of a touch screen interface. The touch screen allows you to bring up a variety of different menu options, as well as answer incoming calls, text messages and other things. To use the touch screen, you will swipe your finger in either an up or down motion or that of left or right, depending on the action that place. 
  3. Hard Keys   Smartphones are different in that there are different ways of selecting and using the normal funcitons of a regular cell phone. For the Samsung Impression, there six keys that help to get you where you need to be. The three hard buttons at the bottom are the send key/talk key, back key, and cancel/disconnect key. These are the same keys that you would see in a cell phone; the talk key can be used to answer phone calls, as well as an okay or select button when a task is highlighted. It can also turn on the phone. The back key is just like the back key you would find on a browser or that of a multimedia keyboard, it essentially takes you back to the previous screen; the disconnect works to hang up a call, as well as cencel an action. It can also turn off the phone
  4. Touch Keys   These keys are ones that can be touched from the touch screen, using the pad of your finger. There are three options here – the dialer, which allows you access to the phone functions; the contacts, which gives you quick access to the contacts in your phone; and the menu option, which allows you quick access to the menu functions of your phone, like settings and security options.
  5. Phone Keys   Like other cell phones, there will be buttons on the sides of your phone. The Impression has four – a multitask button that allows for the quick access of media on the phone, like music, messaging, and games; volume buttons, which allow for the control of the phone's volume; the camera button, which allows for quick access to the built in camera functions; and a lock button, which allows for you to lock your phone when not using it.
  6. Icons   The icons that are present on your phone are notifications that tell you what's going on. There's one for your clock, when you are using your bluetooth connection, when you're using the AT&T networks, when a call is in progress or when you missed one, when you have a message, either SMS or voice, and if your phone is silenced.

Using the Samsung Impression Manual can be a big help, especially for new users to the smartphone platform. The manual discusses the features of the phone and how to use them, making it easier to transition over to the world of mobile technologies.



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