Samsung Plasma TV Troubleshooting: 5 Tips

Looking for 5 Samsung Plasma TV troubleshooting tips? Too many people rush to the phone to call Samsung when a problem arises, but in most cases, you can resolve the issue on your own within minutes.

  1. No Video. If your Samsung Plasma TV has audio, but no video, the likely cause is the device that you have connected to your Samsung Plasma TV. Whether it be a cable or satellite receiver, or a DVD player, the first thing you need to do is check the cables that connect your device to your Samsung Plasma TV. Try connecting another device using the same cables to see if the cables need to be replaced.
  2. Black and White. The first thing to do if your Samsung Plasma TV is only displaying an image in black and white is to check the connection cables. There will be left and right, red and white, video inputs in the back of your Samsung Plasma TV. Make sure that you have the cables in these inputs. If that doesn't solve your issue, go into the menu of both devices and reset them to factory settings.
  3. Fuzzy Picture. Most likely, the culprit of a fuzzy picture in a Samsung Plasma TV is the sharpness setting. To adjust the sharpness of your Samsung Plasma TV, press Menu on your Samsung remote control and use the Up or Down arrows to select Picture. Press Enter and then select Mode. When the Mode menu appears, scroll to Sharpness and hit Enter. You can use the left and right arrows on your remote control to adjust the sharpness of your Samsung Plasma TV.
  4. Not Available Message. If you are receiving a message that states "Not Available" when trying to increase or decrease the volume on your Samsung Plasma TV, it means that the Internal Mute is on. To turn the Internal Mode off, press Menu and then use the arrow keys to scroll to Sound. When the Sound menu appears, again use the arrow keys to select Internal Mute. The down arrow key will turn the Internal Mute off. Press the Enter key on your Samsung Plasma TV remote control and your new settings will be saved.
  5. Low Volume. If you have the volume on your Samsung Plasma TV turned up to a reasonable level and you feel that the volume is still low, there isn't actually a problem with your Samsung Plasma TV. The device that you have connected to your Samsung Plasma TV should have its own volume settings. You will need to use the remote control for that device to increase the internal volume of that device. You can increase the volume of both your Samsung Plasma TV and the connected device until you are satisfied.

Tip: If the above Samsung Plasma TV troubleshooting tips do not solve your issue, refer to your owners manual or contact Samsung directly.

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