Samsung Tv Troubleshooting

Samsung TV troubleshooting is not particularly more difficult than troubleshooting any other type of television. Some the steps given here apply to any television, but items specific to Samsung televisions will be included on this list as well. If you know something about television sets, feel free to skip through the first few steps.

  1. Check all the cord, cables, etc for your Samsung TV. Anecdotal evidence shows that adjusting the electrical cord properly into the electrical outlet can solve many problems with a television set and many other electrical appliances
  2. Screen is misaligned. If you do not have a Samsung projection television, simply adjust the vertical or horizontal hold. This adjustment has become less necessary in newer television models.
  3. Colors are wrong. If you do not have an LCD screen, a Samsung CRT may have the colors out of alignment. Degaussing the monitor can save this. Now on to items specific to Samsung televisions.
  4. Black and white picture. Only Antenna users will experience this and it is mostly related to signal strength. Check to make sure the antenna cables are connected properly.
  5. Line on the edge of the screen. In this case, the picture alignment needs to be moved over so the line occurs at the edges of the screen. Samsung TV sets are not the only televisions that suffer from this problem. It is especially common on higher end CRT computer monitors.
  6. Double 3D images. If this occurs, you are forgetting an important part of the 3d Viewing experience. Take out the 3d glasses that came with your Samsung TV. Put the 3D glasses on. Turn the unit on. If the batteries are in working order, you should soon see the image.
  7. Distorted Noises. Distorted noises are often causes by an equalizer settings. Use the remote to adjust the equalizer to the appropriate levels.

If you are still lost about how to fix these basic issues, you may need to consult your Samsung TV's owner' manual. Most issues do not require the intervention of a repairman.

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