San Diego Radio Stations

San Diego is a tourist town, so when you visit, say, Sea World, you're going to want to know about the best San Diego radio stations. Like most big cities, San Diego has a litlle something for everybody.

  1. 91X FM — 91X is San Diego's alternative music station. It's a lot like Los Angeles' KROQ, only a little hipper. So if you like your Neon Trees and Red Hot Chilli Peppers, this is the station for you.
  2. KSOQ FM — Yes, there are cowboys in this borderline beach community. There are also a lot of servicemen, many of which come from all around the country. Many of these servicemen also truly love their country music.   
  3. KHTS FM — The aptly named KHTS plays all the top-40 music. That includes guys like Kanye West, and girls like Katy Perry. It's for dancers and wannabe rappers, and everyting in between.
  4. KMYI FM — This station, which goes by My 94.1, is hot AC music. In other words, it's easier to dance to than elevator music, yet not the sort of gangsta rap those thugs like to goove to.
  5. KIFM FM  — Real jazz music has been relagated to the college dial these days. However, if your idea of jazz is quiet storm smooth jazz, this 98.1 FM station gives you the really soft stuff.       
  6. KLVJ FM — At 100.1 FM on your radio dial, and known as K-Love, this station bills itself as "positive and encouraging" an plays contemporary Christian music out of  Julian, CA.    
  7. KGB FM  — The longtime 101.5 FM station, KGB, is the classic rock outlet for this region. If you grew up on '60s and '70s rock, this station plays the songs you remember most.      
  8. KXO FM — Say you have one foot in the present, and the other in the past. If this describes you, KXO, which plays today's hits and yesterday's favorites, is the radio stop for you.     
  9. KLNV FM — For those that love songs sung in Spanish, KLNV at 106.5, is a station that caters to those that are more comfortable with artists that sing in their native tongue.
  10. KPRI FM — Some folks like softer alternative rock songs. For these, KPRI, at 102.1 FM, is fine choice. On this station, you hear authentic rock, classic tracks and Blues/Rock.    
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