Sandpaper Ping Pong Paddles

If you are an avid ping pong player, then you should know the best sandpaper ping pongs. These sandpaper ping pongs are the best you can buy on the market and will ensure that you are able to increase both your velocity of your ping pong shots and your spin on the ping pong ball. Just remember, all of these paddles are illegal in an official ping pong tournament, so try any funny stuff with the officials or you may be disqualified.

  1. Gamecraft Economy Sand Paper Face Paddle. This sandpaper faced ping pong paddle goes for only two dollars on the internet, and is a great steal for the quality. You will find in the box when you order this sandpaper ping pong paddle; a very well put together sandpaper paddle that will last you a long time and give you the highest velocity and the best spin on the ping pong that you can get for the price, and since there aren’t any “official” sandpaper ping pong paddles out there, you have to be careful about quality among these ping pong paddles. And you can rest well knowing this ping pong paddle will last you a long time.
  2. Olympia 5-Ply Sand Paper Face Table Tennis Paddle. The next sandpaper faced ping pong paddle on the list is the Olympia 5-ply table tennis paddle. To get one thing straight, every ping pong paddle on this list has a 5-ply wood handle which is just a standard among all ping pong paddles. The benefit of this paddle is purely aesthetic (much better looking than its Gamecraft counterpart). Performance-wise, the Olympia is equivalent to the Gamecraft paddle, with the same quality spin and velocity as the other sandpaper paddles on this list.
  3. Martin Kilpatrick Thunder Table Tennis Rackets. Some of the best sandpaper ping pong paddles out there are the Thunder table tennis rackets. They are up there with the first two on this list, but the cool thing is that they are sold in singles or in bulk. You can buy a hundred of these ping pong paddles for 200 dollars, which is great for teachers or large groups of people. The Thunder paddles are also good looking—a bonus to its economical value.
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