Savage Rifles

Savage rifles are some of the most accurate rifles for their price. The company has taken some innovative approaches to creating rifles that shoot "sub MOA," or sub minute-of-angle. One minute of angle is one inch at 100 yards, so these rifles can produce shot groups that are smaller than one inch at 100 yards. For any hunter or target shooter, Savage rifles offer the kind of accuracy you're looking for. What Savage rifles gain in accuracy, they give up in fancy styling. On higher priced rifles with the same performance you will see high polished metal, hand checkered wood stocks, and extra custom work not found on standard production rifles. Savage rifles has made quality firearms for over a century, so stick around and check out some of the most accurate production rifles made today.

  1. 16 FCSS – This stainless steel rifle finished off with a synthetic stock is made to weather whatever mother nature can dish out. This Savage rifle has an accu-stock, a polymer frame with an aluminum bedding block that provides support below and on two sides of the action. The rifle also has an accu-trigger which allows for very light trigger pull while maintaining safety through adding a tab to the trigger that must be fully depressed before the sear can be released to fire the rifle.
  2. 114 Classic Stainless – Boasting many of the features of the 16 FCSS, this wood stocked Savage rifle gives up the accu-stock bedding block. With the accu-trigger mounted on this rifle you are unlikely to sacrifice a lot in accuracy to get the aesthetics and solid handling of a wood stock.
  3. 110 FCP HS Precision – For shooters that like high-power loads, this Savage rifle from the Law Enforcement series shoots the hard hitting 338 Lapua Mag. With a 26 inch barrel, you'll be shooting beyond 1000 yards at much less cost than competing brands.
  4. 10 FCP HS Precision – Shooting sniper competitions can be a blast with this heavy barreled rifle chambered in .308 Winchester. This traditional sniper round paired with a 24 inch barrel can reach out to targets up to 1000 yards out.
  5. Stevens 315 Youth – This small-framed .22 is great for introducing your children to firearms and firearm safety. The Savage rifle comes with iron sights, but is drilled and tapped for a scope mount so you can help your kids develop basic skills, and transition to more advanced shooting aptitude. The bolt action helps focus your son or daughter on the mechanics of accuracy before getting caught up in all the blammo of a semi-automatic .22 rifle.
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