‘Saved By The Bell’ Cast: Where Are They Now?

If you love the 1980', you may be wondering to yourself, "Saved By the Bell” cast: where they are now?" Look no further if you wish to learn about what happened to Zack and the gang after they graduated from Bayside. Find out which cast members went on to establish legitimate acting careers and which young stars fell into obscurity.

  1. Mark-Paul Gosselaar. Mark-Paul played the iconic character of Zack Morris and was one of the more famous of the “Saved by the Bell” cast members. After being typecast in Hollywood for several years as the immature, frat-boy prankster, he finally took on a more serious role in “NYPD Blue.” His most recent acting gig was TNT’s “Raising the Bar,” which aired in 2008 but never made it past its first season. Mark-Paul currently has made the news for the divorce of his wife of over ten years.
  2. Mario Lopez. Mario played “Saved by the Bell” cast member A.C. Slater, the jock of Bayside High. He has remained a heartthrob even after “Saved By the Bell” finished airing. Mario fell out of the limelight for several years, but recently resurfaced as a pop culture star when he appeared in the hit ABC dance show, “Dancing with the Stars,” in 2006. He recently became a father and now hosts “Extra,” a nightly entertainment show.
  3. Tiffani Thiessen. Tiffani played Kelly Kapowski, the hot cheerleader and main female in “Saved by the Bell.” After the show finished its run, she went on to star in edgier material as a villainess in the TV show, “90210.” In recent years, she has been attached to some unsuccessful projects like the series, “What About Brian.” She currently stars in the new TV show, “White Collar” and recently gave birth to her first child.
  4. Dustin Diamond. Dustin played Screech Powers, the nerdy geek that no girl would ever go out with at Bayside. Of all the “Saved By the Bell” cast members, Dustin has had the most trouble establishing an acting career outside of the TV show. He gained criticism for his snarky behavior on the VH1 reality show, “Celebrity Fit Club.” He has also released a sex tape and tell-all book about “Saved By the Bell,” titled “Behind the Bell.”
  5. Elizabeth Berkley. Elizabeth played the smart class president and feminist, Jessie Spano, in “Saved By the Bell.” After playing a goodie-goodie, she decided to make a total shift in her career and starred in the erotic thriller, “Showgirls.” The movie gained notoriety for its corniness, and it took some time before Elizabeth returned back to the spotlight. In recent years, however, she has hosted Bravo TV’s “Step It Up and Dance,” as well as guest starred on Showtime’s “The L Word.”
  6. Lark Voorhies. Lark played the spoiled fashion queen, Lisa Turtle, when she was a cast member on “Saved By the Bell.” After the show, she took the soap opera route and briefly starred in shows like “The Days of Our Lives.” She also made guest appearances on “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,” but her career has been on the decline these past years. Her love life has met as little success as her recent acting career. She broke off an engagement to comedian Martin Lawrence back in the 1990s and divorced her husband, Miguel Coleman, in 2004.
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