Scary Fish

We have compiled a list of scary fishes that have a hugely monstrous appeal.  Fishes are very innocuous organisms that have a calm and serene effect and taste delicious on our dinner plates. But nature created some of these Piscean creatures that look like aliens from a far off world with their diabolical fangs and piercing teeth. Take a look and find out why these creatures are good enough to give the most formidable humans terrifying nightmares.

  1. Piranha. The Piranha is easily one of the most dangerous fish of all time. With sharp teeth that can tear through any flesh offered, these fishes can be a threat to their own species, if hungry. They have a voracious appetite and look menacing.They are the unanimous top contenders of the list.
  1. The Angler Fish. This ghastly looking beast derives its name from a typical fishermen’s angler-like structure in its jaws that it uses to effectively trap its prey. It emits incandescent light and this helps it lure victims into being killed. Though potentially harmless to humans, this species can be highly destructive on the ocean floor—its pre-dominant home.
  1. Moray Eel. The Moray Eel is found in the reefs at the ocean floor. It is known to be ill-tempered and aloof by nature and while it does not feed on humans like other fishes of prey, its bite can cause toxic effects particularly due to the bacteria and mucus present on its powerful jaw.
  1. Tiger Fish. The Tiger fish got its name from the tiger-like personality that it possesses. Its body is built in a way that ensures speed, agility and power. It pulls the prey into its mouth and smashes the skull before looking to devour it. The most frightening fish of all times also has the reputation of feeding over victims twice its size.
  1. The Snake Head Fish. This species is considered to be one of the most dangerous fishes in the Indian sub-continent. It is a carnivore that can eat almost any animal, including mammals. Another wonderful fact is that it can breathe atmospheric oxygen when required and can survive for prolonged dry spells.



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