Scary Movie 2 Characters

Directors of the "Scary Movie" series retained several actors from the original movie when casting "Scary Movie 2" characters. While many faces remain the same, most characters who passed away in the first movie did not make it to the sequel do to their murders in the first movie. However, many of the main characters mysteriously reincarnate for the sequel.

  1. Cindy Campbell. Played by Anna Faris, Cindy Campbell is the main character of both "Scary Movie" films. Anna’s characater, Cindy was meant to mock the character Sydney Prescott from the "Scream: movie series. In "Scary Movie 2," the character of Cindy Campbell starts out as an average teen girl with a perfect life. Through the course of the movie, Cindy learns that her life is no where close to perfect, especially when the town discovers that a masked killer is on the loose.
  2. Shorty Meeks. Writer Marlon Wayans plays the character of Shorty Meeks in this "Scary Movie" sequel. Shorty wears his hair in an infamous afro with a hair pick stuck through the side. Along with his crazy hair style, Shorty offers comic relief to the entire movie as the movie’s resident stoner who nearly dies being smoked by a marijuana monster.
  3. Buddy. Played by Chris Masterson, the character of Buddy is a new friend that members of the original cast meet as they begin their new lives at college. Throughout the course of the film Buddy flirts with Cindy, though Cindy usually resists his advances. Eventually, locked in a walk-in freezer together, Cindy thinks Buddy may pass away and offers him a hand job. However, they escape the freezer shortly after and Buddy flees from Cindy and the skeleton chasing her. Eventually Buddy and Cindy reunite and start a relationship, though he quickly abandons her again at the very end of the movie.
  4. Brenda Meeks. Actress Regina Hall plays the character of Brenda Hall. Brenda is a self-centered and annoyingly loud teenage girl in the film and plays as Cindy Campbell’s best friend.
  5. Ray Wilkins. In the sequel to "Scary Movie," Shawn Wayans resumes his role as Ray Wilkins a sexually confused young man enjoying his first year at college with new and old friends. In this sequel Ray’s sexual confusion ends up with a scary clown’s attempt to rape Ray that ends in Ray raping the clown.
  6. Professor Oldman. A new character to the Scary Movie series, Professor Oldman is played by actor Tim Curry. Professor Oldman is a college professor at the casts’ college who sets into motion the events of the movie by planning a paranormal activity study at the house known infamously as Hell House. Professor Oldman, along with his assistant, send the unsuspecting college students to Hell House with him to study how the house responds to their presence.
  7. Dwight Hartman. Professor Oldman’s assistant, Dwight Oldman, is played by actor David Cross. The character of Dwight Oldman is a parapalegic who provides the cast with the special weaponry they need to eliminate their ghostly enemies.
  8. Hanson. The caretaker of Hell House, known only as Hanson, is played by actor Chris Elliott. Hanson who has a malformed hand lives in Hell House and serves the cast all their meals, which he enjoys manipulating with his malformed hand before serving.
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