Scary Online Games

Searching for the best scary online games? Scary games are an excellent way to get in on the action of horror. These horror games feature eerie graphics and downright frightening audio. Turn out the lights and enjoy these terrifying scary online games.

  1. "Scary Room" This positively creepy game features some of the most fear invoking music available in online gaming. The player searches an abandoned haunted house for clues and information. The controls can be a little confusing in the beginning, but this is an excellent scary online game.
  2. "Road of the Dead" In the tradition of Zombie media that include the words “of the Dead” included in the title comes this scary zombie car game. The goal is to literally run over Zombies. "Road of the Dead" features surprisingly well-done graphics and plenty of zombies. This is an excellent choice when searching for scary online games.
  3. "Monster Basement" Those who prefer more animation and less realism when playing a scary online game will enjoy this game. Users search each room for clues to assist in escape from the basement.
  4. "Dead Frontier Outbreak" Roleplaying game enthusiasts will enjoy this scary online game. This MMORPG features killer graphics and realistic audio. The mission of this game is to survive Zombie infestation.
  5. "Escape Camp Crystal Lake" The title details the mission of this game, to escape Camp Crystal Lake. Fight an imitation Jason and solve puzzles to escape this horror lake. Successfully winning this scary online game is much tougher than it seems.
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