Scary Point And Click Games

The scary point and click games span decades of time and have lasted the test of time. Some are actually scary, and others are cheesy, but in a good way. The point and click game genre never really caught on with gamers, but because of recent releases, the genre is finally getting the attention of the gaming world that it deserves. Most point and click games are usually funny, like Sam and Max and Monkey Island, but as always, there are those individual game studios who decide to make something for a more mature crowd. These are the top ten scary point and click games.

  1. "The Blackstone Chronicles": This scary point and click game was based on a novel by the author John Saul. In the game, the Player tries to rescue his son from a mental institution that has been transformed into a museum. During this point and click game, the character is haunted by his dead father, who makes for some really crazy moments.
  2. "Phantasmagoria 1 & 2": Now this scary point and click game was one of the cheesy games mentioned earlier. The game has digitized characters, set over the top of a CG background and let’s just say, the actors who played these parts are not going to win an Oscar any time soon. However, it’s so bad that it’s good. The story revolves around a writer who moves into a mansion with her husband, and the house basically tries to eat them.
  3. "Exmortis 1-3": Many fans of the point and click genre are big fans of this game, and there are huge fan-sites dedicated to the game. It revolves around demons and zombies, and your typical hell-on-earth game.
  4. "Haunted: Trapped Soul": The premise is that the player is driving along, hits some creature along the way with their car, and have to spend the night in a huge mansion. As you can imagine, the rest of the game involves getting out of said house. It’s creepy and cheesy too, but the important thing is that it’s fun.
  5. "The Purgatorium": This one is short, but it is really fun. It’s made by the same guy who made the Exmortis games, Ben Leffler. In the game, the player has to figure out what is going on inside of a haunted house, and try not to add the ghost to the hordes that already walk the halls.
  6. "Ghost Story": This is once again the typical ghost fair; however, it’s really made quite well. The story is that your father had bought a house, and basically, he died after strange stuff began happening in the dwelling. Now it’s the players turn to go in, and figure out what happened.
  7. "Death Trap": This one will remind fans of the Saw franchise. This is a scary point and click game, as the player awakens in a house that has several booby traps meant to kill. The goal is to find out who’s watching you from behind the walls. Let’s all hope that it’s not Jigsaw.
  8. "7th Guest": This is probably one of the oldest on the list; it's very fun and has a cool story. Six people are invited to a mansion, and they have no idea why, and then of course, the killing begins. Who the 7th Guest is is what the player must figure out before they too get killed. Think of this one like Myst or Riven with murder and ghosts.
  9. "Orchestrated Death": This one is fun and funny. You play as death, and you must figure out how to kill the person that’s in the room with particular objects found in the room with him or her. It's fun for a while; unfortunately, it gets kind of tedious later on in the game.
  10. "Goliath Soothsayer": This scary point and click game has even inspired a band. Mars Volta made an album recently, called "Bedlam in Goliath" that was created because the members of the band liked the game. The best way to describe this scary point and click game is to simply tell everyone to go and play it, because this one is best if it’s revealed without any information beforehand.
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