Scary Videos That Make You Jump

Watching scary videos that make you jump may not be the scariest things you’ll ever see in your life, but they are great if you have five minutes of time to waste and you need a good laugh. Most of the scary videos that make you jump use the 'come from behind' tactic to scare you and make you jump. But that isn’t the only thing they use to scare you out of your skin, they also trade in on most people's deepest fears, like clowns and animal attacks, to make you crawl out of your skin.

  1. “Really Scary Video”  This video is the online version of the spooky stories that we used to tell at sleepovers when we were  kinds. It’s an account of a young girl who gets an antique doll as a gift. The doll is in decent shape, but it can’t play it’s lullaby anymore. Late at night the girl in the story hears the broken doll playing it’s lullaby. They do a decent job of setting up the suspense of the story with creepy music and not a lot of special effects, setting you up for the big revel at the end. And it’s that revel is what makes this a scary video that will make you jump.
  2. “Happy Meal”  A lot of the scary videos that make you jump rely on the shock of something creeping up behind you to make you jump. This video makes you jump out of your skin because it taps into the deep seeded fear some have of clowns; in particularly, a fear of Ronald McDonald. Seeing the killer clown rip a man apart while demanding a slice of cheese embodies all of the things that is wrong with clowns.
  3. “Matador Gored by Bull”  Bullfighting is one of those sports that makes you sit back and say WTF?! Yes, it has a long standing tradition in some cultures, still no one has gained anything by going up against a two ton bull. And you gain even less when the bull decides to fight back. If seeing this guy getting gored through the throat isn’t a scary video that will make you jump, you have the kind of nerves that may make you a brilliant bullfighter.
  4. “Mark Twain’s Mysterious Stranger”  Unlike a lot of the scary videos that make you jump, this video doesn’t have any come from behind scare tactics, but just the very notion of getting on some kind of flying ship with Mark Twain and being introduced to some creepy demon is more than enough to have you crawling out of your skin.
  5. “Bloody Mary Actually Works”  Of all of the scary videos that make you jump by using a come from behind scare, this one was done the best. It starts out with a couple of guys making a bet to test the urban legend of Bloody Mary. They turn off the lights, the guy says “Bloody Mary” into the mirror three times, and out of no where a woman knocks him over and the camera goes dark. What makes this video so effective is that they don’t spend a lot of time making Bloody Mary look shockingly gross. She comes, she knocks the guy down and shes gone. Making her a bit more frightening than a blood soaked she beast.
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