Scavenger Hunt Ideas For Adults

Planning a party and want to know some fun scavenger hunt ideas for adults? Who said kids should have all the fun? Just because you’re an adult doesn’t mean you can’t plan and participate in fun party games like scavenger hunts. Keep reading to learn five ideas for fun scavenger hunts for adults.

  1. Theme. A good theme makes an adult scavenger hunt a lot of fun. Consider choosing a seasonal theme and having a Halloween or Christmas scavenger hunt. A Halloween themed hunt would include hints that ask participants to search for pumpkins, black cats, and ghosts.  A Christmas theme would include clues about hunting for men with beards like Santa, finding an elf’s hat, or taking a picture of a pink Christmas tree. Get creative!
  2. Location. The great thing about scavenger hunts for adults is that they can take place anywhere. Your back yard, a local park, the beach, your neighborhood’s downtown area et cetera. If it’s too cold or rainy to have the hunt outside you can even have the scavenger hunt in your home. Like a Easter Egg hunt, you can hide small items in hidden locations, or make a map to guide your guests to the items they’re suppose to find.
  3. Prizes. Prizes always motivate and create competition. Don’t think that prizes only motivate kids. Purchase a few gift cards or lottery tickets to see your friends go crazy finding scavenger hunt items. Consider buying a few booby prizes for the loosing team.
  4. Cameras. Buy a bunch of disposable cameras and distribute them to each team. Cameras make scavenger hunts for adults more fun because they document the day’s activities. Cameras also can be used to take photos of items that need to be found, but can’t be moved or taken. With cameras, scavenger hunt participants can “prove” that they found a particular item without physically taking it.
  5. Tee shirts. To build team unity and encourage friendly scavenger hunt competition, divide your guests into two or more teams and give team matching tee shirts or bandanas. Have some tee shirts made with the name of the hunt on the front and the last name of each participant on the back. This not only helps team members identify other teams members from afar, but also lets people passing by know that you’re participating in a scavenger hunt, not terrorizing the neighborhood.
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