Scavenger Hunt Riddles

If you're planning a party, you might use some of these scavenger hunt riddles ideas in order to make it more fun for everyone. Scavenger hunt riddles are great because they cause everyone to need to think on their feet while putting a little bit of healthy competition into the mix. Be sure to consider the following ideas while making your next batch of scavenger hunt riddles.

  1. Location clues. These are the best scavenger hunt riddles for locations with a lot of historic value, such as metropolitan areas or older towns in New England. You can have your party-goers look for certain areas or certain pieces of a monuement, making them take a picture or have some kind of tangible proof that they were there. If you're going to leave them a note about where the following clue is, be sure to leave it out of sight so an unsuspecting tourist doesn't pick it up!
  2. Themed clues. If you're having a pirate party, you might want to write all of your clues in piratey language. Mixing your scavenger hunt riddles up with a bit of thematic language will add an extra bit of challenge to the hunt. You can further add to this by having all of your pieces coincide with the current theme—using the pirate example, having people find eye patches or small, stuffed parrots.
  3. Decoded riddles. These are some of the most difficult scavneger hunt riddles out there. Making a word jumble is a great way to keep your guests occupied for hours, especially when you don't give them a cypher. To this end, they'll have to use repeated letters and apsotrophes as their way to find out what your scavenger hunt riddles really mean.
  4. Math-themed riddles. These are always fun, especially when working with people who haven't seen a math problem since high school. You can take locations of certain clues and notes and distribute them around math-themed scavenger hunt riddles. For example, you might leave a note that says something like, "The next paper involves you heading West for (Square root of 1764) steps." By denying your players a calculator, you'll really watch them sweat with those kinds of scavneger hunt riddles.
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