Scenario Paintball Gear Essentials

Scenario paintball gear essentials are something that a lot of people are not prepared with when the event comes. Scenario paintball games can be fun, and challenging when the time comes. You should try to be prepared for anything that might happen during the scenario. Purchase your essentials in advance, and show up prepared for the show down.

  1. Core Tactical Vest. The tactical vest will help prevent swelling and bruising when you’re hit with the paint balls. This is one of the best and biggest scenario paintball gear essentials.
  2. Elevation Series Harness. This harness is perfect for holding all of the paintball accessories during scenario game play. It is designed to fit perfectly around the player’s waist.
  3. PODS Elastic Armband. The armband holds everything that is needed for paint balls during game play. This is one of the more useful scenario paintball gear essentials, and very affordable.
  4. Tactical Gun Barrels. The gun barrels hold the ammo for the gun that you choose to use during scenario game play. This is one of the easiest things to use, and allows you to always have ammo when it is needed.
  5. Save Phace Mask. The mask protects your face from flying ammo. This is one of the most important scenario paintball gear essentials. There are different styles and sizes to choose from.
  6. Halo B Hopper. The hopper automatically feeds the paint balls into the gun fast. Using this fast action automatic hopper can make your prepared for the game.
  7. TPX Holster. The holster holds the guns that you have, and if you carry multiple guns than it can be useful. This is another scenario paintball gear essential that you shouldn’t miss out on.
  8. Flash Grenades. Flash grenades come in packs and on holsters and can be beneficial when defeating the enemy.
  9. Electronic Trigger. An electronic trigger allows you to shoot easier and faster without much effort. You can find this one a list of scenario paintball gear essentials for fast paced paintball fun.
  10. Gun Buttstocks. Buttstocks are great for shooting, and holding CO2 in, and using it more efficiently. This provides you with more torque and better control over your gun. 
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