Scene Hairstyles

Learn how you can make scene hairstyle for your own hair. You think scene hairstyles are mostly for ladies, and mostly for the more punkish type. The second has some truth, but guys can certainly pull the look off too. If you are not afraid to have a little edge to your style and your hair, scene hair could be just right for you. It involves being a little rough with your hair with some of the teasing, but you don't necessarily have to do that part.

  1. Long and smooth Scene hair-  Scene hair is not known for being smooth, but it can be partially long. In one scene style you have long bangs around your mouth in front getting longer as they go towards the ear on the closest side. Bangs on the other side or your face are similar, and go towards your other ear. The back is usually short and has different angles of length depending on what the wearer prefers.
  2. Long and spiky – This is for those who want a punkier scene hairstyle. On one side and various other sides of the head, longer chin length and a little below pieces are cut in. The style is uneven all around the head as far as length. Shorter, spikier pieces everywhere in back. You have to put a bit more effort into this look with styling wax and a blow dryer.
  3. Two tone and two lengths – For those times when you just can't choose one color, this scene style will work for you. You have the spiky, jagged angles on the crown of your head and longer length on the front or sides. A black base and purple or another flashier color on top finishes this basic scene hairstyle



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