School Bus Driving Games

If you've ever dreamed of getting up way too early for the joy of toting screaming children to school, but never found the time to make the dream a reality, then you may want to play some fun school bus driving games instead. School bus driving games are a great way to kill time and most are very simple to learn. Most online school bus driving games don't even require the use of a mouse, so find your arrow keys and space bar, you're going to need them. Then buckle up and give these games a try.

  1. Monster Bus. This school bus driving game is basically Excitebike on steroids. Crush cars, pick up items along the way and don't do a backflip, or you'll explode. A simple, yet fun and challenging little game. (And a nice little bit of escapism for actual bus drivers!)
  2. Speed Bus. If Monster Bus is escapism, this school bus driving game is pure fantasy. Your school bus has been taken over by terrorists and you have to knock other bad guys' cars off the road while avoiding too much damage and keeping an eye on your speed. More of a traditional racing game than the others. Fast and fun!
  3. School Bus Driver. Avoid traffic and make your stops on time, without hitting obstacles. It sounds simple, but the roads are narrow and school busses make wide turns. This school bus driving game is a challenge.
  4. School Bus Frenzy. While not technically a school bus "driving" game, it does have the all-important element of picking up children. Just get children across the street and  onto the bus. Simple right? Not really. And in this twisted version of Frogger, the little precious cargo actually spurt blood when hit by cars. Not graphic by today's standards, but still, if you enjoy losing this game, seek professional help.
  5. School Bus License. In this school bus driving game you have to pass a series of  twenty tests to become a licensed bus driver. If that sounds about as exciting as standing in line at the dot don't be fooled. It's one of the better school bus driving games out there. Each test offers a different challenge, from swerving through cones to precision parking. The controls are more responsive here than in some of the other games too. You can also hop around on the list of challenges, so if you get stuck you won't get bored.

Playing school bus driving games is a fun diversion. There are school bus driving games online for all ages. But don't play too long, or you might really miss the bus! Have fun!

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