School Closings In New Jersey

Many residents are extremely upset about some school closings in New Jersey. Like many communities around the country money is tight and extreme measures are being taking to cut costs so they don't spend money they don't have. In New Jersey the Newark area hired a firm outside of the school system to analyse the situation and make recommendations. They came up with a number of schools that they thought should be closed.

  1. 15th Avenue School. Those in charge of the Newark schools are working to put a plan in place that will close several schools in order to open some charter schools. Some of have had very low tests scores giving them even more of a reason for the school closings.
  2. Camden Street Elementary School. This New Jersey school closing is more of a consolidation. Officials would like to combine the elementary school with the middle school to save money and free up a building for a new charter school.
  3. Martin Luther King Jr. School. The New Jersey school closings also include a few schools that are losing their students. Enrollment has been dropping steadily for years, and many parents are not happy with the education that their children are getting.
  4. Barak Obama Elementary school. This New Jersey school will be closed as of July 1st of 2011. The school board did not want to make changes to the elementary grades to create other kinds of learning centers in the area. They didn't want to conform so the school is being shut down.
  5. The New Hope Foundations Secaucus school. This New Jersey school is not only a school it is also a rehabilitation center for kids who have drug and addiction problems. It is run by The New Hope Foundation who is finding it to expensive to keep going. There are some teens who are ready to be discharged, but other will have to be transferred to another facility run by the foundation.
  6. Florence V. Evans Elementary School. The Evesham Township School District is facing huge money problems. The lack of funding along with budget cuts if forcing them to consider laying off all the teachers who teach at this school and shut it down. The kids would be transfered to a school nearby.
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