Score In Water Polo

To score in water polo you will need a team set up that consists of six players and a goalie. The opposite team will have the same number of players. You want your team to score the most points before the seven-minute quarters run out of time. Water polo rules are simple and there are multiple ways to score in water polo.

Things you will need to score in water polo:

  • Pool
  • 14 people
  • Time clock


  1. Use any part of your body to push the ball through the goal posts in the water polo court. The ball must go through below the cross bar and past the goal line. The only part that is forbidden is the clutched fist. This is one way to score in water polo.
  2. Take possession of the ball and pass it to a team mate who will then throw the ball over the goal line to make the score in water polo. Alternatively, you  can keep the ball and throw it yourself.
  3. Free throws are acquired when the opposing team fouls against your team member. Make a successful undefended free throw and you will score in water polo. Similarly, if the opposing team throws the ball out of bounds you will get a goal throw which is the same as a free throw.
  4. If the opponent is on defense and makes your ball go out of bounds during the course of the play, you can take a corner throw. Throw the ball from the corner and over the goal line to score in water polo.
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