Scrabble Rules

To play one of the most popular word games for generations, you must first learn Scrabble rules. Scrabble is played with two or four players. Players decide who plays first by picking one tile each to see who gets the closest to the letter “A” or whoever picks a blank tile goes first. The rules of Scrabble start with each player choosing seven tiles to start play. Scrabble rules are clear and easy to follow.

  1. Get ready to play Scrabble. Choose a dictionary to use that all players agree on. All words are acceptable in Scrabble except those that are always capitalized, prefixed, suffixes, hyphened words, words that use an apostrophe, or abbreviations.
  2. The first Scrabble play. The first player lays down a word of two or more letters vertically or horizontally with one letter on the center square. The player must count his score and announce it so it can be recorded. The player draws letter tiles to replace those used. There should be seven letter tiles in each rack until the supply of letters is gone.
  3. The second Scrabble player is to the left. The rules state that play moves to the left. The second player lays down a word by adding to the letters already played on the board. Letters played that touch other letters in adjacent rows must form a word. A player scores for all words formed or modified on their turn.
  4. Forming Scrabble words. A word is formed by adding letters to an existing word, adding letters to one letter already on the board on a right angle, or by placing a new word parallel to an existing word so adjacent letters form a word.
  5. Scrabble Tiles rules. An important Scrabble rule is a tile may not be moved, shifted, or replaced once it has been played.
  6. Scrabble Blanks. Blank tiles (with no letters) can be used for any letter and remain that letter for the duration of the game.
  7. Discarding Scrabble letters. A player may exchange one or all letter tiles and pick new tiles with the understanding they forfeit their turn.
  8. Challenging a Scrabble word. Any word may be challenged before the next player’s turn. If the challenge is successful, the player takes back the tiles laid down and loses their turn. A challenge applies to all words created during that player’s turn. To challenge, check for the word in the dictionary.
  9. Scrabble Game over. The game is over when all letters are drawn and a player uses their last letter or if no other play in the game is possible. High score wins after deducting the value of the remaining tiles left in each player’s rack.
  10. Bingo. If a player successfully uses all seven letter tiles to spell a word it is called a “Bingo” and is worth 50 points.
  11. Premium Scrabble squares. The premium letter squares are light blue and is double the face value of the tile on it. Premium word square is pink as doubles the entire score of the word place on it. The red Premium square triples the score of the word. If the word covers two Premium squares the word is doubled / tripled and re-doubled / re-tripled. The pink center square doubles the first word at the beginning of the game.
  12. Blank Scrabble tile. The blank tile has no face value.
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