Scrubs’ Drinking Game Rules

Scrubs is a hilarious comedy about being a med student in the face of opposition in an inter city hospital. Taking trips around the hospital with characters like John Dorian (J. D.) played by Zack Braff, and Chris Turk, played by Donald Faison, you find your self in a world unlike any other. The Scrubs' Drinking game rules are based around the adventures of these fun-loving and somewhat confused med students. Later episodes, the Med students become residents of the hospital, teaching a new round of med students.

  1. Fades. One thing that J. D. and many of the characters do is fade off into their own imagination. These silly skits leave there selves to needing a shot. After you stop your chuckling as Turk and J. D. imagining themselves winning a marathon in the hospital hallways, or so many other ventures they take from real life. Take your shot.
  2. Voice overs. Another thing the imagination leads to with these colorful characters are voice overs. One example of this is Elliot Reid, played by Sarah Chalke Hears praise from her friends in the hospital, while they are critiquing her in the real world. Don't forget to lift your shot glass.
  3. Dr. Perry Cox. Dr. Cox, played by John C. McGinley, while not being the head of the hospital, is a rather harsh cold character with a loving heart (or least it seems). Dr. Cox loves to belittle the med students, even as residents later in their carriers. Every time Dr Cox calls J. D. a females name, take a shot for Dr. Cox.

Good luck in Keeping up. Each episode is full of these doctors fulfilling all the requirements to empty your shot glass. Drink Responsibly!

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