Scuba Diving Tips

It is important to follow scuba diving tips and procedures to ensure your safety and fun as you explore the amazing sport of scuba.  One of the best ways to learn these tips and tricks of scuba diving is by getting certified by the professional Association of Diving Instructors.  Certifications can range from the basic open water certification to even becoming a PADI Divemaster.  For those not seeking a formal classroom, these scuba diving tips and tricks are essential.

  1. Dive a lot.  Getting diving experience is a great tip for improving your scuba diving.  This experience will help with breathing as you get more used to being in the water and the body adjusts.  This experience also helps with movement and eases the use of the scuba tools of the trade.  Initial dives should be done with a partner or a team, but it is also important to get some time solo diving to erase the nerves of being alone underwater. 
  2. Stretch before diving.  Stretching before diving is very beneficial to your scuba dive.  Stretching allows for one to be more mobile while under water by increasing flexibility.  Also, this scuba diving tip can help to relax the diver. 
  3. Research rules before diving.  Some areas have rules and restrictions on when and where a person can go scuba diving.  It is an important tip to consider these rules and to contact the appropriate authorities for advice on where to scuba dive in the area. 
  4. Move slowly and infrequently.  Moving slowly will slow breathing and increase the length of time scuba diving.  This also occurs when barely moving at all.  Moving of the fins should nearly the only movement that occurs while scuba diving, but even that can be left out when drifting along underwater.  This also reduces the risk of getting sick from the motion of the water.  Some of the coolest wildlife comes out when you remain as still as possible too. 
  5. Stay horizontal.  Staying vertical only creates more resistance and forces the scuba diver to move more frequently.
  6. Check equipment.  Checking scuba equipment is an essential scuba diving tip.  This step will help to stay underwater longer and also prevent any safety problems that may occur.  Most problems when scuba diving are due to equipment malfunctioning. 
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