Sea Salt Vs Table Salt

If you know anything about cooking you may be wondering about sea salt vs. table salt and which is better tasting. While both have the same ingredients that consist of chloride and sodium, the basic difference is the taste and the texture in sea salt can be much more pleasing. Here is a little information on sea salt vs table salt that may be helpful in making a decision.

Health. Sea salt has often been touted as having great benefits that table salt may not have. This is because sea salt doesn't contain any added nutrients such as the iodine that table salt has added. While the iodine is a nutrient that is essential to humans, many may feel that going fully natural is the thing to do and consider sea salt healthier. Sea salts has this component naturally. Another benefit of sea salt is due to its texture, you don't have to use a lot to get a powerful flavor, which may lead to using less salt in food.

Taste. The taste can be similar except sea salt can be found in a variety of colors and flavors that add to its appeal. With table salt you get just salt and never choices on color, texture or flavor.

Texture. The texture in sea salt is very coarse and must be used in a grinder typically. There are a few sea salts that can be sprinkled onto food or in ingredients but usually it is best to grind it in a grinder to get the optimal texture and flavor.

Production. The main differences in sea salt vs table salt is how they are produced. Where table salt is mined from salt deposits underground, sea salt is produced by evaporating sea water. Many feel that the sea water evaporation seems fresher and more appealing.

When it comes down to choosing sea salt vs table salt, it is a personal choice. Sea salt can be much more expensive than table salt but has the added benefit of different textures. Table salt gives you one choice but the price is sometimes a tenth of what sea salt may cost. It's a preference you have to make for yourself because in moderation, both are good for you.



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