Second Chance Quotes

The second chance quotes below show that most of the time, the second opportunity that we have been waiting for has been there for us to take. It may have been disguised as a failure or something else that for some reason we were unable to identify, or it may have been considered as a worthless project to work for. Popular sayings and quotes express these sentiments cleverly. Many times, they show us a new path. They are fun to read and share. Besides, everybody deserves a second chance in life! 

  1. “Failure is another great chance to start again with more intelligence.” Henry Ford, American industrialist. This is a brilliant second chance quote. Like it or not, your failure made you gain some experience. It’s up to you to give up and never try again, or use those mistakes to start again and increase thee odds for a successful adventure.  
  2. “The pessimist always sees difficulty in every chance. The optimist sees a chance in every difficulty.” Winston Churchill, British politician. Second chances are always there. Sometimes pessimism darkens our minds and hopes. Exercising our creativity and perseverance will open new doors.
  3. "Never waste the chance to express your love." H. Jackson Brown, American writer. It’s hard to say if we will have a second chance to express our love. Why not to express it now and make it part of our lifestyle, just in case? 
  4. "I have my own version of optimism. If I can’t cross a door, I will cross another or I will make another one. Something marvelous will come. If doesn’t matter how dark the present looks." Rabindranath Tagore, Indian writer and poet. Optimism is a state of mind, and it is the spirit that keeps us strong and helps us to detect a second chance. Sometimes, being an optimist is not easy, but it can be practiced until it becomes a part of our lives.
  5. “We’re given second chances every day of our life. We don’t usually take them.” Andrew M. Greeley, religious thinker. Some people always find a path to fulfill their desires while others, exactly in the same path, just ignore it. 
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