Second Life Cheats

Are you looking for "Second Life" cheats? "Second Life" is an online virtual world environment game in which players can meet, socialize, purchase, sell, and even create different objects with other players by use of avatars. Because it's online virtual world, there actually aren't that many cheats for the game; however, there is admin access that can help with gaining and meeting friends and technical support.

You will need:

  • a computer
  • a "Second Life" game and account
  • be a Linden or SIM owner

To gain access to "Second Life" cheats:

  1. Admin Menu – hold CTRL + V + ALT in order to get to the administrative menu. This will allow you to locate anyone on the "Second Life" map, as well as sending teleport requests to people who are not in your friend list.
  2. Debug Menu – hold CTRL + D + ALT in order to get to the debug menu. This allows you to view invisible objects as well as entering the options for Wireframe.

Again, there really is no need for "Second Life" cheats within the game and as such, cheating may be viewed as playing agianst the terms of service that the game itself and could result in a player being barred from playing. The access to the admin and debug menu does give players some control over their game experience, but as SL is a virtual representation of the real world, using cheats seems unneccessary.

A good way of finding out about the restrictions and uses for cheats is to talk with members of the "Second Life" community, as they will have an understanding about the game itself and can answer questions on a player to player level.

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