Secrets Of How To Sexually Please A Woman

It's the one thought that plagues a man's mind once he gets into the bedroom – what are the secrets of how to sexually please a woman? Trying to figure out the secrets of sexual pleasure is difficult when your woman doesn't want to speak her mind. It's a bit easiest to explore sexual pleasure when you're in a steady relationship with one particular woman, as she is more likely to open up than your one night stand. Once you learn a few pointers you'll be able to tailor the rest of the advice to each specific situation, since each sexual encounter is a new minefield of sexual pleasure.

  1. Get used to the standard, basic sexual positions. Practicing these positions will give you confidence to try the more complicated positions that you'll come up with along the way. Missionary, cowgirl, and doggy style are good starting positions to get you going.
  2. Communicate with your woman every step of the way. Communication is key in sex, and although it might be awkward to start off talking about what you both like, in the long run it will spice up your sex life to unknown levels. If you aren't sure how to start, just ask her what kind of positions she likes.
  3. Ask about kinks and preferences. Some women are very sensitive in certain parts of the body. The neck, breasts and clitoris are all good places to start. Each woman is different, however, and you might find that your lady has some very interesting body parts that like pleasuring. Kinks can be difficult to bring up in conversation, especially if your woman has been repressing her love for a kink. Just keep the conversation light until you can zero in on the types of kinks that she enjoys. After that, really get in depth on what she'd like done to her.
  4. Don't be afraid to incorporate sex toys into your routine. Some men are very intimidated by toys, but unless you can make your dick vibrate, chances are your lady friend will enjoy getting the toys into your sex sessions.
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