Secrets Of Professional Wrestling

The secrets of professional wrestling are many, as befits a sport that thrives on audience deception. While many know that the matches are fixed and many moves are "fake," few know all of the secrets. Below are a mix of tricks and incidents that have topped the list of the best secrets of professional wrestling for years. 

  1. Blading. Blood has been a staple of pro wrestling since the beginning. Generally speaking, wrestlers use the process of “blading” or using a small hidden razor blade to produce blood. If you see a wrestler go face down on the mat and come up bleeding, try your best to see if you can find the hidden blade.
  2. Lending a Helping Hand. Wrestling is a highly physical sport and many moves require the aid of the other performer. Many moves require using an opponent’s momentum to actually complete the maneuver. Watch moves like the lariat or the powerbomb to see the secret in action.
  3. Broken Tables. Tables rarely break as easily in wrestling because most tables are either pre-broken or constructed a bit more lightly for wrestling use. There have been many examples of wrestlers using standard tables and most have led to serious injury. The secret, it seems, is confusing even to the pros.
  4. Stomping for Impact. This is a silly secret but a real one. Wrestlers often stomp or grunt to add impact to moves or punches. This allows for a sense of impact while still allowing the other opponent to miss the brunt of the pain.
  5. The Montreal Screwjob. When Bret Hart lost to Shawn Michaels in Montreal, the lid was forever blown off of wrestling secrets.  No one knows what really happened in Montreal—did Michaels know? Was the whole thing scripted? It is likely the participants will take the truth to their graves.
  6. Winners and Losers. Winning and losing has little to do with physical ability. Wrestling writers and bookers are in control of who wins and who loses and the process they use to determine this is beyond the scope of most fans’ knowledge. If nothing else, what many bookers are actually thinking may be one of pro wrestling’s greatest secrets.
  7. Who Goes Where? Over the last few years, seeing a wrestler jump promotions has become more and more common. Oddly enough, though, some of these jumps tend to be surprising even to the internet fan community. Negotiations tend to be fairly well hidden, making this one of pro wrestling’s real secrets.
  8. The Wellness Policy. Have you ever noticed that certain performers quickly drop a title and disappear, regardless of how well an angle is going? This is likely due to the WWE’s talent wellness policy. This well-known secret requires wrestlers that fail a drug test to immediately drop a title and begin their suspension. 
  9. KAYFAYBE. Kayfaybe (KFAYB or any number of other spellings) is the general term for the "fake" aspects of pro wrestling. This actually goes back to the carnival days of the sport, in which the entire process was little more than an elaborate con. Today, kayfaybe has been almost entirely broken, but some industry pros still guard the secrets of pro wrestling quite tightly. 
  10. Pain and Suffering. One of the best kept secrets of professional wrestling is how much pain and suffering the athletes go through. Despite the examples listed above, wrestling is a highly demanding sport that takes a great toll on the bodies of most participants. Many wrestlers deal with significant physical problems in their old age, not to mention a strong likelihood of addiction to painkillers.
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