Seducing Man

Curious about the best method of seducing a man? If you're on the prowl for that special someone, knowing how to seduce a man can be a useful skill. We all have weaknesses, and here are the ones that will help a woman get the man she desires. Follow these tips and in no time, he will be putty in your hands.

  1. Showing just the right amount of skin is a turn on. Men like it when a woman dresses sexy, as long as she doesn’t show too much. Leave something up to the imagination. Surprisingly, men don’t get really turned on by a woman who is letting it all hang out for him—and every other man—to see.
  2. Choose the appropriate place for a seduction. Trying to be alluring with dozens of other attractive women around or when he’s all into a big game on TV at the local watering hole will prove difficult because his eyes will wander. It would be better if it’s just the two of you, and maybe a small, intimate group, where you can chat with him a bit.
  3. A good smelling perfume will drive a man crazy. Don’t underestimate the power a good scent has when seducing a man. Never use anything too strong smelling that is overpowering and will makes his eyes water and nose burn; he will not want to get too close. Instead, use a scent that is more inviting. Try something mild and sweet. That surely will get his hormones racing.
  4. Show confidence with the man you are trying to seduce, but don’t be overbearing. Men are turned on by a woman that knows what she wants and is not afraid to show it, but when she wants to take charge of everything and call all the shots, that’s not attractive. If you are too forceful, you will send that man running for the hills.
  5. It’s time to put your flirting skills to work; body language says a lot. You don’t have to say a word to let a man know you are really into him. If you are wearing a dress, sitting down and have his attention, gently caress your leg or twirl your finger around your hair. Slowly lick your lips and rub your finger across them, but don’t overdo it. Use your fingertips and lightly stroke your chest. You may not realize it, but all those little gestures are turning him on.
  6. Making eye contact is very important if you want to seduce that man. If you are across the room or across the table from him, your eyes say a lot. It’s true that you can sense someone looking at you, so when he does catch your glance, put your head down slightly like you are a little embarrassed; men like that. Do it again and each time hold his stare a little bit longer; try gently biting your lip. You've almost got him where you want him. You have to make him come to you.
  7. Make sure to pay him compliments from time to time. Men like it just as much as women do when you say something nice. Tell him how nice he looks or how good he smells.
  8. Never chase behind a man. Instead of looking like you are running up behind him, let him come to you. It’s OK to ask him out for drinks after work, but if he doesn’t respond don’t keep asking him, just act like you don’t care. If you act upset about it he will definitely back off.
  9. The first date and first impression are important. Talk, but don’t take over. Men don’t like it when they can’t get a word in. Be a great listener, too.
  10. The main ingredient to a successful seduction is to let him be the winner. Try not to let on that you were really trying to seduce him. Let him believe he conquered you. If he thinks in any way he was being fooled and misled, he might not trust you and things might end before they have a chance to begin.
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