Seducing Women Online: Is It Possible?

Seducing women online, is it possible? Absolutely! Seducing women online is not only fun, it’s pretty easy once you get the hang of it. Women are so much more open with themselves online than they are in the clubs and bars. They find the computer screen to be less threatening and they don’t mind the dirty talk. Here are some helpful tips to get you started in seducing a woman online.

  1. Download a messenger application. Use yahoo or aim as your IM (instant message) provider. Seducing a woman through email is extremely difficult. You want to appeal to her sense of instant gratification.
  2. Start slow. You don’t want to just message them with dirty comments. You want to start very slowly. Start out with something like “how are you?” or “what’s up?” for the best results. This gets the ball rolling.
  3. Share pictures. You want to know whom you are talking to and so do they. Ask for a couple of pictures and see what they send you. If they only send face pictures, ask for some pictures of their body. If they immediately send you sexy pictures, you’re well one your way to seducing a woman online.
  4. Use an intro. An intro is something like “you are very sexy”. This won’t really work in real life because it would make them blush and put up a defense. Seducing a woman online is about flattery. When you flatter them with an intro like this, they will definitely respond.
  5. Don’t push them too far. If you come across a girl that won’t send you sexy pictures, don’t let it discourage you. They might just be waiting until they get to know you better. Don’t push them too far or you might not ever talk to them again.
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