Seduction 101

If your pick-up lines are getting old; take a lesson in seduction 101. Getting the girl requires a little finesse. Most women love men who are seductive and sexy. Most  men make the mistake of approaching a woman a little too aggressively. Take your time and strike up an intelligent conversation. Try not to look desperate or worse yet, too eager. Seduction comes in many forms. Find out which one works for you.

  1. Conversation. Strike up a conversation that will interest a woman. Although some guys have a way with words and can smooth talk any woman, getting to know someone is even better. But when it comes to some guys, they get all tongue-tied and nothing comes out right. Don't just say the first thing that comes to mind. Think before you come over. If she's been looking at you for a while, ask her if she finds something interesting about you. Most likely she's admiring your manly good looks, eyes or sexy stare.
  2. Confidence. If you're confident, it shows. Seduction isn't just about wooing a woman into bed. Confident men don't need lines or aggressive come-ons. They have a certain sexiness that appeals to women. The confident man walks, talks and presents sex appeal. A woman will be more interested if you know what you want and are not afraid to get it. Now, don't confuse confidence with aggressive. An aggressive man doesn't understand the word no. This can lead to all kinds of problems. The best way to avoid this is by learning how to back off when you're not wanted.
  3. Dress. The way you dress can be seductive. Women go to great lengths to make themselves attractive to men. Perfumes, clothing and make-up are all a part of their arsenal of seduction. You can play this game too. Instead of donning your old jeans and T-shirt, where something appealing. Try on different types of clothing and find a look that fits you best. This look should make you stand out from all the rest. If you insist on wearing jeans and a T-shirt, make sure that this apparel is clean, without holes and well-fitting.
  4. Smile. A seductive smile can make even the ugliest man look good. Women love men who smile with their eyes. A real smile is genuine and sincere. A smile can seduce a woman all by itself.
  5. Eye Contact. Making eye contact is paramount to succeeding at seduction 101. If you're constantly eyeing her "candy" then you won't get far. Even if you lack a great smile, confidence or nice clothes, eye contact can get you the girl. However, don't stare so hard that it makes her uncomfortable.

Seduction can be many things, but doesn't always have to include money or sex. Sometimes the least-used methods of seduction are the best.

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