Self Discipline For Weight Loss

Mustering up self discipline for weight loss is the most difficult aspect of conquering the extra pounds. It really does not matter if you can afford the best foods and even a membership to the nicest neighborhood gym; if you lack the mental fortitude to keep going, shedding the weight will be difficult. Is it possible to bolster your self discipline for weight loss success? Yes, it is.

You will need:

  • Current photo
  • Journal
  • Piece of clothing in the desired size

Now is the time to get started building the self discipline that will ultimately see you to your goal.

  1. Draft a plan for realistic weight loss. Experts suggest that the maximum amount of weekly weight loss for an adult is about two pounds. A more realistic goal is closer to one pound per week. Decide how much weight you need to lose and devote one page in your journal to each of the weeks it takes to shed the pounds.
  2. Make one major change each week. It is a good idea to make the biggest changes toward the beginning of the weight loss regimen. When fat pounds drop quickest, make the difficult adjustments—such as cutting out the big hamburgers from your favorite fast food joint—and let this absence become habits. The old adage that it takes seven days to develop a new habit works in your favor.
  3. Journal about your temptations to snack. Even though the main meals are unlikely to be major temptations to go off the diet, the snack attacks can do you in. Self discipline for weight loss requires a stern grasp on the stimuli that tempt you. For example, does watching TV and eating salty snacks seem to go hand in hand? Overcome the snack temptation with air-popped corn.
  4. Write down each and every success. Celebrate each pound you lose and each notch of the belt you need to tighten. This comes in handy when the long-range goals seem so far away. It also motivates you to remain firm if somebody left a candy bar in the house.
  5. Find a hobby that takes you away from food. Yoga, Tai Chi, golf and even pottery will occupy your mind and body and take you away from eating impulses. Even when self discipline for weight loss becomes difficult, an enjoyable activity helps to put mind over matter. Do not be afraid to keep yourself busy and filled up on apple slices while out and about.

The photo and clothing item are the silver bullets of self discipline for weight loss. When all else fails, look at yourself to realize how far you have come. Notice that you almost fit into the pants or shirt you picked. Just a little more effort and you are there!

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