Self Massage Techniques

Learning good self massage techniques can insure that you will always have a gentle hand to help wash the stress and tension away. Self massage techniques can help you get yourself in the right mood and be ready to go at a moments notice. Self massage doesn't mean massaging your sexual parts. Instead, it's focused on relaxing your muscles and putting yourself into a sensual mood. Sensual massage teechniques also have some healing benefits such as relieving tension headaches, stress and other aches and pains.

To perform self massage techniques, you will need:

  • Massage oil or lotion
  • Soft music
  • Candles
  • Aroma therapy scents
  • Quiet and relaxing setting
  1. Learn your pressure points. By learning where your pressure points are you may be able to relieve stress and tension in other areas of your body. As odd as it sounds, certain areas of the hands and feet can be pressure points to places in your head, neck and shoulders.
  2. Locate the source of the tension. Although it may be your neck that is causing the discomfort, there may be other pressure points that will help relieve the pressure. Slowly run your hands over the area around the neck and shoulders to locate the points that ware tender to the touch.
  3. Warm the massage oil or lotion. You don't have to use massage oil or lotion to perform a self massage. But doing so can make your hands glide much easier over your body. Use your finger tips to make circular motions, starting small and working your way out. Work your finger tips into the muscles for s deep tissue massage effect.
  4. The timing. A good self massage can take as little or as long as needed to relieve the stress or aches and pains. It also can continue to any other parts of the body for as long as needed or wanted. There is no limit to what the self massage can do for you.



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