Self Pleasure Techniques

Experimenting with self pleasure techniques magnifies an already blissful experience. Pleasure techniques acts as an expression of self-love, and confers a respectability over the essence of human existence. Denying an aspect of ourselves inhibits the achievement of true satisfaction. Spiritual and primal beings need balance to fully thrive in a lopsided world. Expecting another person to love you without experimenting in finding out what you love unjustly places all pressure onto their shoulders. Creativity and a shameless attitude can help fine-tune personal preferences and expect amazing results because of it.

  1. Gather supplies: Gather a variety of supplies, including lubricants, lotions, oils, scents, sex toys, dry body brushes, wash cloths, and feather dusters. Dim the lighting, and burn a few candles. Turn on sensual music to create a relaxing atmosphere.
  2. Change positions. Alternating positions breaks the mundane aspect of self pleasuring. Finding a "safe place" or securing an environment from privacy invaders can allow greater relaxation to fully enjoy the experience with a shameless attitude.
  3. Deep breathing: Breathing connects the mind, body, and soul for a transpersonal interconnectedness that magnifies the intensity of a sexual encounter. Deep breaths from the diaphragm serves a catalyst to move the Qi energy flow throughout the entire body. Perfecting breathing methods can accentuate performance with a lover.
  4. PC Squeeze: Squeeze the PC muscle to increase oxygen and blood flow to the genital region. The PC muscle is located when stopping the flow of urine. Exercising the PC muscle can intensify the pleasure of orgasm in a relatively short time period.
  5. Flag Pole Method: Incorporate the flag pole method by placing a handkerchief on your erect penis and squeeze the PC muscle, which should produce a "waving effect." Next, pleasure the entire penile shaft, while alternatively using a prostate massager for ultimate satisfaction.
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