Semi Automatic Rifles

What are some good semi-automatic rifles? There are various styles of semi-automatic rifles. The main styles being those rifles designed specifically for hunting and sporting use and those semi-automatic rifles designed primarily for military applications. Some users prefer one style and others will prefer another. This article will include a few of each type of semi-automatic rifle.

  1. Browning BAR – The number one semi-automatic hunting rifle. This design has its roots in the legendary BAR military rifle John Moses Browning designed. Officially launched in 1967 the BAR has been the standard semi-automatic hunting rifle for others to follow ever since. It comes in a variety of models and a variety of calibers ranging from .243 to .300 Win Magnum and practically everything in between. This is a semi-auto any hunter will be proud to own.
  2. Remington Model 750 Woodsmaster –  This is Remington's flagship semi-automatic hunting rifle. It has evolved through the generations to the highly developed rifle available today. It comes in both wood and synthetic stocked versions and both full rifle and carbine versions. It is chambered for the very popular hunting calibers and these include .243 Win, .308 Win, .270 Win., and 30/06 Springfield. These are very light fast handling rifles with quick second shot capability. Several generations of hunters have relied upon these fine rifles.
  3. M1 Garand –  The Garand was the first semi-automatic rifle adopted by the U.S. military. It was first used in WWII and saw limited uses right into the early days of Vietnam. This 30/06 caliber rifle uses an enbloc eight round clip to load its magazine. This rifle is still available in surplus for todays shooters and while considered heavy at over nine pounds, it is a very easy rifle to shoot. Any shooter could do a lot worse than rely upon one of these old work horses.
  4. AR-15 – Eugene Stoner originally designed the Armalight AR-15. His design eventually was modified into the militaries M16 family of rifles. The AR-15 is also available to civilians in a variety of configurations by very many different companies. The civilian models are all semi-automatic rifles with no burst or full auto capability. The most popular caliber is .223 but it can also be found in .308 version and a few others. Development of the AR-15 family of rifles was started in 1957 and it is still going strong with civilian sales and in the hands of various militaries in the M16 family. One of the things which draws people to the AR-15 family of semi-automatic rifles is the great diversity of parts to customize and personalize the weapon.
  5.  AK-47 – While many people think immediately of the fully automatic version of the AK, it is also sold in great numbers by various countries as a semi-automatic rifle.  As arguably the most prolific and rugged modern rifle design since WWII the AK deserves a place in any discussion of full auto, or semi-automatic rifle. The semi-automatic version retains all of the qualities which make the full auto version so popular, except full auto fire. It is extremely reliable in all manner of climate conditions. It is simple to use and maintain, and it will shoot when not maintained as well as some other designs. It also is not known for the greatest accuracy of modern rifles, but is considered "good enough" by its fans. Any person wanting a midrange home defensive semi-automatic rifle would do well to look into an AK.

There are some good semi-automatic rifles. There are sportsman's rifles and military inspired rifles both. In some states with the proper magazine used the military rifles may well be legal to hunt with also. There are many other semi-automatic rifles, but the ones listed are excellent examples of the semi-automatic rifle well worth owning.

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